Matheo de Bruvisso

Artist from Paris - France.
Interested in painting, music, photography, poetry, philosophy, science and more.
(co-founder of Dirtyphonics)

Artist Statement by Zhou Jie

The 36 days starting from August 9 to September 13, for the audience as well as myself, is an in-depth exhibition with participation. During this period I will have been living in the exhibition hall, it contains an unfinished iron wire single bed, a pile of semi-finished “plush toys” woven with iron wire, food to sustain life for more than one month, several sets of clothes and three transparent dustbins. Most of the time I might try to improve the wire sculptures, except when resting on the wire bed when I am tired and eating prepared food when I am hungry. A toilet and bathroom is located on the second floor. Of course, I have a phone so that I can call people, read Wechat and even play games online. I might stay alright until the 36th day, completing all or part of the sculptures, and may be left with surplus food; or I will eat all the food ahead of the 36th day, I might be sick, and may not be able to stand up so that I end the exhibition early. This is my participation. I have a lot of speculation about the participating audience, but it is unpredictable (It should be more precisely defined as “participants”, actually the roles here are more than from “viewing” to “thinking”; moreover, who will become a spectator in another person’s life?). A spectator will have a lot of freedom.

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That was something
Dirtyphonics LIVE
Crab deamon #skull #spider #horror #weird #devil
Crab deamon #skull #spider #horror #weird #devil
Acrylic on Canvas
160 x 130 cm
Matheo de Bruvisso 2014
Lady in Hat
Bypassing the Rational